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It’s pretty simple. 


You can’t go after a goal if you don’t know what you want. 


But let’s be radically clear about one thing right off the bat. 

Nobody needs goals. 


If you don’t set any goals, you can still have a decent life.  Society is set up in such a way that those who don’t figure out what they want are given subtle instructions every single day on how to live their life in ways that make the most amount of sense for other people’s goals and gains. 

Ask yourself if this sounds familiar? 


“Go to school.  Get a job.  Get married.  Buy a house.  Have kids.  Retire.  Die.” 


Pretty simple instructions, and not a bad path by any means.  If you don’t figure out what you want for your own life, society has been set up in such a way that it incessantly reminds you that you’re on that path, and being on this path means being a good person who’s doing something with their life.


In fact, the world is set up in such a way to make it as easy as possible to follow that path with things like student loans, home loans, and social security. 


Now, each of the milestones on this path isn’t inherently bad or good.  In fact, each of these can be an immensely meaningful experience, but only for those who truly want them.  That’s the key difference.  For those who take a step on this path because it’s what society wants, but it isn’t aligned with what they actually want, they will end up dissatisfied and unhappy…at best. 


The alternative is to make decisions that are aligned with what you want. 


Sounds easy enough, but if it’s easy, then why do so few people actually make the decisions they want to? 


Why do so many people think one thing, and then do something else? 


How are you supposed to know what you want? 


How do you create a life that’s different than what society gives you? 


Here’s the real kicker…society has been created by one person taking action after another.  Things are the way they are because people who had goals and who were hungry enough to go for them created society the way it is to be now. 


If you want anything to be different about your life, your culture, or your society, you need to set a goal and take action. 

The only way to figure out what you really want is to ask yourself the tough questions and to be open, honest, and vulnerable with yourself in the process.

What follows in this worksheet is a series of introspective questions that will help you unlock the goals and the life you’re most passionate about. 

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ROADMAP Worksheet #1  
Gaining Clarity

Click the PDF to download the first worksheet for FREE!

Roadmap, horizon, goal setting
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"I can honestly say I don't have one thing I'd change about this!  I especially like the order you ask the questions.  You ease into the self exploration and then get to the hard questions but they no longer feel hard because of how eye opening the first few questions were.  The way you asked these questions made it somehow easier to open up with myself because they made me truly think about what I enjoy, what I don't want to miss out on, and finally asking what's stopping me from getting everything I just poured out.  Thanks so much!"   

—  Mariah, Entrepreneur

ROADMAP Worksheet #2  
Setting the Target Date 

Without a date attached to your goal, your don't have a goal, you have an idea.  


Setting the Target Date is all about helping you set an aggressive, yet realistic date for your goals.

Roadmap, horizon, goal setting
ROADMAP Worksheet #3 
Creating the ROADMAP

With a goal and target date fixed firmly in mind, we can flesh out the exact map you'll need to follow if you want to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.  

Your dreams are waiting!

Roadmap, horizon, goal setting
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