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Actualize Your Potential!

Personal Mastery & Business Growth

for the

Millennial Entrepreneur.


Get access to all the mentors and experts you need to start and scale your business!


An ever growing video library for both Business Mastery and Personal Excellence.

What's covered?!

  • Choosing a business model

  • Sales

  • Marketing 

  • Finance 

  • Legal

  • Branding 

  • Copywriting

  • Hiring

  • Productivity

  • Leadership

  • Optimizing your health

  • and so much more!

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Caleb E. - Finance Entrepreneur

"The strategic and tactical insights I've gotten from the mentors have allowed me to double my business and feel healthier than ever before."

Regina P. - Digital Marketing Business Owner

"Where was this when I was just getting started?!  I wish I would've had this 3 years ago, simply invaluable!"

Amir E. - Wearables Entrepreneur

"It's like Netflix for entrepreneurs.  It's a resource unlike anything else out there."

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A community of like minded entrepreneurs and business owners all looking to grow their business!


Accountability, Community, Insights!


Be part of a community holding each other powerfully accountable to a structure to achieve their goals while sharing insights and lessons from successes and failures along the way. 

Mariah Z. - Wellness Entrepreneur

"Being in the Mastermind is like being surrounded by friends who want nothing more but for you to succeed.  Everyone who is in your group is all working towards similar goals, to have a breakthrough year!  During the program, I was met with nothing but encouragement, resources, and insights to help me be the best I can be."  

Ali C. - Videography Entrepreneur

"I highly recommend the STRIVENT Mastermind!  I knew I would benefit from it, but the caliber of my peers and the quality of the weekly discussion was surprisingly impressive.  It's one of my favorite parts of my week now!"

Michelle E. - Security Entrepreneur

"I not only got a return on my investment after the first week, but the ideas that I continuously get from this community and have since implemented have drastically transformed my business and will generate tens of thousands every month for the rest of my business life.  I can't recommend this program enough!"

Private Coaching

Private coaching is highest form of personalized feedback.  At STRIVENT, that means focusing exclusively on your performance barometers and finding you a unique path to quickly accelerate your life and business to the next level.

TJ Pics 9.jpg

Steven R. - Web Development Business Owner

"Through his personalized approach to coaching, Dennis has helped me grow further into a success mindset. His coaching is a direct influence to my present and future success. Through his advice, I have discovered my fear of success and why I have this fear. I rediscovered the entrepreneurial spirit that had lie dormant inside me and a renewed sense of vision in my life. I am currently undertaking the creation of a freelance business and would not have made it this far so quickly without the input and guidance he provides."

Gary L. - Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

"Dennis helped me rediscover my passion and I have made more progress in the first three months of working with him than all the times prior on my own combined. I will be forever grateful for his kind motivational words and wisdom towards achieving my goals."

Jeremy S. - Woodworking Business Owner

"My experience of working with Dennis has been an incredible one so far. Dennis has the unique ability to listen with such attention to not only what I'm telling him, but how I'm saying it, and the words I choose towards myself and others. He uses all these things to provide his interpretation of my share to then test his listening accuracy, which is quite often spot on.  Dennis has a way of challenging my perspectives and patterns with compassion and careful consideration that always seems to allow me the space to deepen my own sense of accountability and integrity. He's been punctual, yet flexible, solid, while comforting. Working with him in the short span that I have so far, I can say with all seriousness that Dennis has made a significant impact in my life. From the way I communicate, engage in personal and professional relationships, to pursuing my artistic ambitions. Dennis has helped me to improve my view upon my self, and in turn, the quality of my life. Can't wait for the next chapter!!" 

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