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Why Non Negotiable's are Essential to Achieving Your Goals

Our Mastermind community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other leaders regularly digs up big ideas that have profound impact on the way our members live and do business.

It seems one of those big ideas has found its way to the surface again as everyone in the community can't stop talking about it.

It's too good of an idea to not share with the rest of the world so I offer it to you here and now.

You see, a common phenomenon, even among high performers, is this tendency for them to be ultra productive one day, and then slip into some sort of funk the next. One day they can't be stopped, and the next they can't even start. The pernicious aspect of this phenomenon is that it doesn't look like much on the surface. One day of slightly less than average performance isn't going to kill anyone's career. However, the reality is that this tendency usually rears its head regularly, becoming a pattern of highs and lows and unpredictable performance and subsequent results.

The solution is the Daily Non Negotiable's.

What are the Daily Non Negotiable's?

Ask yourself the question, "What are the 1-3 things I could do each day in my business or work that, even if I did nothing else that day, would still move me forward?"

Your answer to that question is going to point straight at your Non-Negotiable's.

As an example, my answer to that question looks something like this:

"Communicating the effectiveness of our community through writing articles and reaching out to top talent to bring into our growing community are the items that move my business forward each and every day."

Even if I do nothing else that day, if I can make measured headway on both of these items, our business still moves forward.

The goal is progress.

Each and every day; progress.

And the key here is really building the habit and taking action every single day.

Traveling? Do your Daily Non Negotiable's.

Sick? Do your Daily Non Negotiable's.

Kids are home from school? Do your Daily Non Negotiable's.

They are Non Negotiable.

4 Elements of an Effective Daily Non Negotiable:

1. Each Non Negotiable should produce a tangible outcome.

Ex: A certain number of words on the page. A specific number of contacts reached out to or conversations started. Etc.

2. Each individual Non Negotiable should take no more than 45 minutes to complete.

You need to be able to knock these out and remove the barrier to starting them each day.

3. Each Non negotiable needs to be Measurable.

Whether it's time bound, action bound, or some other measure, you need to be able to confidently be able to say whether you've completed it each day.

4. Tracking your Daily Non Negotiable's is a great way to incentivize daily actions.

Doing it the first or second day may be tough as you build the new habit, but when you see 15 x's through your calendar, it's unlikely you'll skip that next day.

I'm referring to the X effect strategy here.

Essentially, get a calendar, and for every day you take your desired action, make a big bold X through the day with red sharpie. Do this every single day you take the action and see how long you can build your streak of X's.

So what are your Daily Non Negotiable's?

You might already have some in your life right now around eating or movement or your family.

Maybe going for a run, having your morning coffee, or spending dinner with your family are things that are your Non Negotiable's - meaning, I couldn't pay you to not do them.

But what about in your business?

What are the things in your business or work that I couldn't pay you to NOT do?

If you're a new entrepreneur, maybe reaching out to 10 potential clients every day is your non negotiable.

If you're a photographer, maybe taking 1 picture a day is your non negotiable.

If you're an author, maybe writing for 45 minutes each morning is your non negotiable.

Having Daily Non Negotiable's, is a Non Negotiable.

It's what separates those who are intentional and dedicated from those simply wishing for success.

But don't take my word for it. Hear it from our community:

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Is this something you will implement?

If you'd like a second opinion on what types of Daily Non Negotiable's might be best for you or want some feedback on whether or not yours are as effective as they can possibly be, reach out and let's set up a strategy call.

Here's to you Actualizing Your Potential!


With gratitude,

Dennis McGinley

Founder and Performance Coach @ STRIVENT

"Actualize your Potential!"


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