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2 Easy Steps to Move You Closer Toward Your Goals Every Day

If you’re like me, then in the month of December you start thinking about the year you’ve just lived, your successes and failures therein, what went well, and what could

have gone better.

You’re probably starting to think about who you want to be in the year ahead and what changes you’re going to institute into your life.

Maybe this is the year you finally give that side business an honest go.

Maybe this is the year you finally lose those 10 pounds or gain those washboard abs.

Maybe this is the year that you commit to creating a great relationship?!

No matter how the last few years went, the year ahead always seems so full of possibility, doesn't it?

New years resolutions and early year goals take many forms, but they primarily fall into one of three categories;

Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

That’s great for us here at STRIVENT Coaching, because that’s our expertise.

In fact, we wrote the book on it;

At STRIVENT, we take Health, Wealth, and Relationships very seriously.

These are the bedrock upon which we build every other amazing thing in our lives.

If your health is lacking because you eat poorly and never exercise, where exactly are you finding the energy to show up and lead a business conversation?

If your ability to generate wealth is sub-par, how in the world are you going to feel confident going into a relationship asserting the fact that you’re someone who can be depended on as being a rock?

If your relationship is always in a tizzy, my guess is you’re so frustrated that it drives you to make poor nutritional choices day in and day out, or possibly skip the gym to go have a pint at the nearest bar with your group of friends instead of wanting to handle the emotional breakdowns.

Look, we’re all human and most of us face these similar demons as we try to walk the path of being the best version of ourselves.

But it’s hard.

We fall down.

And sometimes it takes longer to get back up.

But that’s what we’re here for.

STRIVENT Coaching is that hand that constantly reaches back into your life to give you the support and encouragement you need to get back on your own two feet and gets you back in the game with alacrity and verve!

The Takeaway:

How to get back up when you fall off the horse:

It’s really easy in the last month of the year amidst the holiday season to give up on the things you say are important to you.

"I’ll eat cheesecake and have a brownie tonight, because this is only one of three holiday parties I’m going to, and these brownies look divine."

“I’ll skip the gym today because I’ve been really good most of the year and I really want to go watch the game with the family before we watch the other game.”

Let’s be clear, I’m not telling you to not eat the brownie and to not enjoy time watching your favorite sports, but I want to make sure that your poor decisions today don’t continue to infect your tomorrow.

How do you do that?

1. Establish a morning routine.

2. Do it every morning.

It really is that simple.

Your morning routine is a reset button.

It doesn’t need to be over-complicated or analyzed until the cows come home.

Establish a morning routine, and do it every morning.

When we make poor decisions on a Sunday afternoon that are misaligned with who we say we want to be, it will always be the morning routine on Monday morning that helps you correct your path again.

I may have eaten that brownie and I may not have gone to the gym yesterday, but when I start each day the same way, it reminds me that each day is the same, with the same inherent potential for moving me closer to or further from my goals.

My morning routine is the reset button and it’s a healthy reset button.

Wake at 7

10 minute stretch / yoga


Healthy breakfast


That’s really all it takes to get yourself in the frame of mind

that YOU are in control of your day and that

it’s up to YOU to decide what you’ll do

with the rest of it.

If you have a different morning routine that works for you, I’d love if you shared with me what that looks like in your life and whether or not you’ve seen the same reset power.

If you don’t have a morning routine set up yet and want to explore a version that works for you, get in contact and let’s brainstorm a personalized approach to your own reset button.

Whatever your morning routine ultimately looks like for you, I can’t understate the importance of it enough. It is the single most potent factor that can prevent a total tailspin out of control for months at a time and bring it back under your volition.

You got this.

And we got you.


With gratitude,

Dennis McGinley

Founder and Performance Coach @ STRIVENT

"See life as an adventure!"


If you want to expand, grow, and develop, the following resources are available to you 100% FREE!

1. The first will pop up after a few seconds on the site (I know, sorry about that, but it’s a really awesome resource and it’s 100% FREE so I feel like it’s a fair deal). It’s called the Habit Builder, and I designed it to help create momentum in the tasks that are important to you by visually tracking your progress over a few weeks.

2. The second is a worksheet called “Gaining Clarity” and is a series of open ended questions that encourage you to think deeply about what the most appealing version of your life looks like and helps you create a ROADMAP for thinking through the steps to achieve that end. It can be accessed halfway down the home page.

3. If you've done both of those and we haven't had a conversation yet, it's time to schedule a free Discovery Call with me so we can find our more about each other and see if we can't make your life more incredible!


If you're looking to understand the latest science around health and wellbeing and looking for practical ways to integrate those findings into your life, pick up a copy!

The book, IMPRESSION, is both an inspiring call to action and an educational tool that will equip the reader with the knowledge they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life. For at least half a century we've been told that health consisted solely of diet and exercise, when in reality it's much more than that.

IMPRESSION explores the ten interrelated elements of our wellbeing and how they each play a pivotal role in determining our lifestyle. From the food you eat and how often you are fulfilled by your work, to the type of people you surround yourself with and your sex life, each of these choices influences your level of overall wellbeing.

IMPRESSION is an acronym for the ten interrelated elements of our wellbeing:











IMPRESSION is an investigative look at how certain types of lifestyles lead to happy, healthy, and engaging lives, while other lifestyles lead to a host of problematic thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the past, present, and future.

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