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5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Dreams

Okay, so let’s assume for the sake of this article that you’re clear about your goals and you’re making progress towards them! Awesome job on taking the action required to create the life you desire so far!

However, despite your forward progress, you still find yourself struggling to obtain the meaningful results you actually desire.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we’ve all been there. Lucky for you, there’s 5 common reasons that show up again and again that prevent people from reaching their potential, and they all have solutions you can use to work through them.

1. Lost connection with your WHY

This is by the far the most common reason among individuals trying to make any changes in their life for feeling like their progress has been slowed or altogether thwarted. It happens so easily; at first we find rocket-fuel type motivation, create a bullet-proof plan of attack, start taking action, and then after going through the operational weeds of our goals for some time we lose track of WHY we’re working on our goal altogether when it would be much easier to return to the status quo life that’s waiting for us in comfort and complacency.

Comfort is the siren to your odyssey. Do whatever it takes to connect with your WHY as often as possible to avoid being pulled off track and into the rocks of complacency.

Write down your goals. Pin it to your wall. Look at it daily or weekly.

Whatever method you choose that’s right for you, it is absolutely crucial to your development to reconnect with your WHY as often as possible! This is your fire for action!

2. Lacking a CRYSTAL CLEAR goal

All too often, we feel like we’re doing a thousand different things and we’re being super busy without seeing any of the results. This often occurs if someone never took the time to get clear about what they wanted in the first place. Whether it’s cleaning up your diet and exercise habits or trying to take on more of a leadership role in your company, if you don’t have a CRYSTAL CLEAR goal, you’ll run in twenty different directions at a million miles per hour getting lots of things done, but ultimately not making any meaningful forward and compounding progress because your effort isn’t all aimed at the same target.

Once you’re crystal clear about what you want, it’s far easier to see what helps and what hurts your progress.

If you haven’t downloaded the Gaining Clarity worksheet yet, do yourself a favor and join the hundreds of other people who have refined the vision of their future using this introspective and in-depth exercise.

3. Not Making the Time

This one is pretty cut and dry. Either you make time to invest in yourself or you don’t. I can tell a lot about what a person’s goals and passions are if you show me their calendar. People who make time to show up and do the work, are the ones who will ultimately be successful.

4. Doing Too many things at once / no clear work time

This one is a follow on to the last syndrome. If the time you set aside in your calendar to work overlaps with the reality that going to the gym, cooking, eating, and showering all need to happen too, then you can’t actually make progress because there’s a huge discrepancy there.

5. No Accountability

Last but not least, the most infectious item on the list, is accountability. Write down your goals, make sure your significant other or family knows about them, make sure your friends know about them. Hire a coach! Whatever it takes, make yourself accountable to someone at the end of the day, otherwise you’ll find a million other things to do that all of a sudden become more important than the specific thing you’re trying to accomplish.

If you can avoid these 5 pitfalls, you’re on your way to knocking your goal out of the park!

If you need help on any of these areas, please contact us so we can get you back on track and more motivated and disciplined than ever.

With gratitude,

Dennis McGinley

STRIVENT - Founder, Performance Coach

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