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Private Coaching


Take Your Life

to the Next Level!

Private coaching is the dynamic process of unleashing your greatest potential in both business and life.  

Coaching Methodology

G.R.O.W. Model

All private coaching is conducted within the G.R.O.W. model.  First we focus on the Goals you would like to achieve.  Then moving our attention to the Reality you currently experience compared to those goals.  Next, we uncover the Obstacles in the way.  And ultimately we end each conversation with what you Will do.    


Performance Based

Whereas all therapy and counseling takes a look backwards to see what happened in the past that may be interfering with the present, Private coaching at STRIVENT is 100% Performance based, focused on what will help you move the needle forward powerfully into the future.

Personalized Insights

Private coaching at STRIVENT is unique for each individual that embarks on the journey.  No two coaching sessions are alike.  We are 100% focused on where YOU are really at in your life and helping you achieve your goals.  No rigid structures and no one-size fits all; we dive deep into your real life to find the answers.

What Are People Saying?

Gary L. - Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

"Dennis helped me rediscover my passion and I have made more progress in the first three months of working with him than all the times prior on my own combined. I will be forever grateful for his kind motivational words and wisdom towards achieving my goals."

Stephen E. - Freelance Engineer

"Dennis' coaching program is an excellent option for anyone looking to work upon building goals, furthering their personal development, and take charge of their lives while raising the bar.  We all have goals in life, and having a guide to help you navigate the path is an excellent tool to use in pursuing those goals.  Dennis was able to help me sort through the busyness of my thoughts and develop clear plans of action to pursue those personal goals while offering valuable insight."

Terry W. - Ex Military, Defense Entrepreneur

"A lot has changed in my life since talking with Dennis.  Simply talking with him made me realize my self-worth.  It made me realize that I'm going to face oppositions in life; whether it be time-management, in the workplace, in relationships, or in finances, but I have to be able to take control of it.  Dennis has given me the strategies to take control of these situations.  I am becoming more goal-oriented and accomplishing so many more things.  I feel like I'm evolving!"

Vanessa B. - Health Professional

Brian S. - Private CPA

Tory G. - Logistics Entrepreneur

"Before I started to get coaching from Dennis, I was confused on how to get where I wanted to go. I was unfocused and lost in a sense of knowing how to track my weight loss and gain control of my emotions that were seeping into areas of life where they didn't belong. Now I'm focused and can control my emotions so I can work faster and harder."

Greg F. - Professor of Psychiatry, Private Practice

Matthew R. - Fitness Entrepreneur

Anthony B. - Software Professional

"Never having worked with a coach before, I didn't know quite what to expect. As I grew to know him and he to know me, I was able to not only have a deeper level of honesty with him but also with myself. His ability to hold space has been nurturing, supportive, challenging, and sincere from the very beginning."

Kenneth Y.  - Software Engineer

Samir M. - Wellness Business Owner

Steven R. - Web Development Business Owner

"Through his personalized approach to coaching, Dennis has helped me grow further into a success mindset. His coaching is a direct influence to my present and future success. Through his advice, I have discovered my fear of success and why I have this fear. I rediscovered the entrepreneurial spirit that had lie dormant inside me and a renewed sense of vision in my life. I am currently undertaking the creation of a freelance business and would not have made it this far so quickly without the input and guidance he provides."

"Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life;  don't make it wait any longer." - Steve Maraboli

Jeremy S. - Woodworking Business Owner

"My experience of working with Dennis has been an incredible one so far. Dennis has the unique ability to listen with such attention to not only what I'm telling him, but how I'm saying it, and the words I choose towards myself and others. He uses all these things to provide his interpretation of my share to then test his listening accuracy, which is quite often spot on.  Dennis has a way of challenging my perspectives and patterns with compassion and careful consideration that always seems to allow me the space to deepen my own sense of accountability and integrity. He's been punctual, yet flexible, solid, while comforting. Working with him in the short span that I have so far, I can say with all seriousness that Dennis has made a significant impact in my life. From the way I communicate, engage in personal and professional relationships, to pursuing my artistic ambitions. Dennis has helped me to improve my view upon my self, and in turn, the quality of my life. Can't wait for the next chapter!!" 

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