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STRIVENT Mastermind


Grow Your Business

 Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

An Elite Community to Learn From and to Hold You

Powerfully Accountable to Your Big Goals

1. Join Community

2. Be Inspired

3. Be Held Accountable

4. Grow Your Business

We are a community of Entrepreneurs and Business owners

who passionately believe that there is

no limit to our potential. 


Together, we co-create a space of honesty, integrity, and accountability to powerfully support you in expanding to your highest potential

in your business and life!

We are a Mastermind.


Let's Actualize Your Potential!

How Does It Work?

3 minute video explaining the Mastermind.

  • 90 minute Zoom video call once each week (same day/time each week)

  • Small cohorts holding each other accountable to big goals

  • Each member takes on a Primary Goal to be Held Accountable to

  • Weekly Goals Sheets are shared amongst the cohort to help you consistently plan meaningful action items

  • Access to the Private Community for everyone in the Mastermind to communicate throughout the week, for motivation and inspiration, as well as to ask questions and give feedback!

Program Structure

There are 3 phases to every Mastermind Meeting

Roadmap, horizon, goal setting

Each meeting begins with an honest look at whether or not you achieved your goals during the past week.  What allowed you to be successful and what got in your way?  These insights allow you to make tweaks in your performance week after week.


The second phase of every mastermind meeting is designed for each participant to experience the hot seat.  These sessions allow​ for in depth critical and objective feedback on blindspots, limiting beliefs, and new perspectives. 


The final phase of the mastermind meeting is designed to set each individual up for measured progress in the week ahead.  We set SMART goals for the week ahead to be held accountable to taking action on throughout the week.

What Are People Saying?

Ryan A. - Advertising Entrepreneur

William M. - Adventure Photographer

Mariah Z. - Wellness Entrepreneur

"Being in the Mastermind is like being surrounded by friends who want nothing more but for you to succeed.  Everyone who is in your group is all working towards similar goals, to have a breakthrough year!  During the program, I was met with nothing but encouragement, resources, and insights to help me be the best I can be."  

Derek W. - Energy Entrepreneur

"Do it!  You have to invest in yourself and if you think you have the answers to everything, then take a look at your current life and ask yourself this: "Are you doing what you want to do in life right now?  Are you performing at max productivity?  Are you living a life of excuses?"   If the answers aren't on track with your goals then you NEED the Mastermind more than you know!"

Scott B. - Real Estate Investor

Katherine L. - Impact Partnerships

Sara L. -Consultant

"The accountability, the structure, the people...  It's all more than I could ask for.  It's exactly what I didn't know I needed."

Are you ready to

 take action

on your goals?!

For most of us,

there's a gap

between the actions we know we should be taking and the actions we actually take.

greatness gap, potential, life coaching

If you’re reading this, then you're someone who has thought about closing the greatness gap,

and you want to start getting the most out of life, and living better than ever before! 

With the right tools, motivation, and support, you can build habits that will transform your business and life!

The STRIVENT Mastermind is a small group of people just like you looking to build healthy and

foundational habits that will serve them for decades to come! 

Life is short, haven't you waited long enough?

"Let today be the day you give up who you've been for who you can become!" - Hal Elrod

Steven R. - Web Design Business Owner

Michelle E. - Security Entrepreneur

"I not only got a return on my investment after the first week, but the ideas that I got from this community and have since implemented have drastically transformed my business and will generate tens of thousands every month for the rest of my business life.  I can't recommend this program enough!"

Aycee U. - Business Development Professional

Paul S. - Musician

Chad Z. - Construction Business Owner

"Get ready to be held accountable!  It's okay to swallow your pride in the Mastermind because if you can't be honest with yourself, you cannot take control of your life.  Overall, I would highly recommend joining this Mastermind!"

Core Values

Vital Vision

Progress is most difficult without a clear vision of the goal.  That's why we intricately connect each participant to their desired outcome as if it's already a future reality that exists, and empower them to simply act in accordance with that outcome. 

Extreme Responsibility

People fail to achieve their goals when those who hold them accountable consistently let them off the hook for falling short.  Our Mastermind experience takes a compassionate and curious approach to each participant's setbacks and shortcomings.  Free from judgement, we can look to see what about the participant's situation is actually preventing progress, and after dealing with it establish a higher level of accountability. 

Compassionate Honesty

Honesty without compassion is brutality.  That's why we take great lengths in the early stages of the Mastermind to create a space of compassion that paves the way for true feedback and honesty between participants to catalyze true growth for everyone.  

Greatness is Always Possible

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, and fear of judgement are just a few of the reasons people often shirk from rising to their potential.  Our firm belief is that each participant is always one decision away from breaking through to a new level of operating, and it's our responsibility to help them see it.  

Tyler G.

"The biggest thanks to the STRIVENT team for putting together such an incredible community!  I don't know where I'd be without this mastermind."

Chris P. - Dog training business owner

Myles B. - Marketing Consultant

Ryan H. - Adventure Gym Owner

Tony T. - Data Engineering Freelancer

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 5.47.46 PM.png

Kenneth Y. - Software Engineering Professional

Nick M. - Graphic Design Business Owner

Matt S. - Hospitality Entrepreneur

"The mastermind is the best thing to ever happen to me and my business.  I've finally found a community of people who care about the same things I do.  I no longer feel so alone in my entrepreneurial journey."

Jake G. - Home Goods Business Owner

Miles H. - Marketing Business Owner

"You are the average of the five people

you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn

Meet the Members

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