Despite the popularity of morning routine's, it seems to have gone unnoticed even by most high performers, that a strong morning routine actually starts with your nighttime routine.

At the most base level, the time you go to bed dictates what time and with how much ener...

This is my go-to mantra.

It's on my mind all the time.

"You Don't Get What You Don't Ask For."

However, if all you ever do is ask without reciprocation, you'll be less inclined to get the response you want.

Let me give a few quick examples to illustrate my point.

Here's a f...

No shows used to be the bane of my existence!

You do all this work in the marketing realm, feel super proud to have someone committed to showing up and potentially closing a new deal, only to have them not even show up and now you've wasted your time AND you're in a bad...

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November 25, 2019

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