In Silicon Valley, everything is hardware, software, or both. 

Your body is no different. 

Your body is your hardware and your mind is your software. 


Most people treat their body the equivalent of dropping their laptops from the top of their office buildings or...

Transcript below: 

What is misalignment?

  • Thinking one thing and saying another

  • Saying one thing and doing another.

  • Having a long-term dream and acting in ways that are discordant with progress towards our aspiration. 

Our culture is infected with misalign...

Every workload will involve some level of repetition and the mundane.

The countless emails..

The unending copy & paste sessions..

The intense production periods where little of the content is creative or changing..

They call it grinding because it can be boring and unappea...

The reality is you’re not always going to feel motivated, inspired, or disciplined to move the needle forward on your goal or project. 

Luckily, you don’t have to. 

This is the no excuses strategy most of my clients use at one point or another to stay productive over th...

Okay, so let’s assume for the sake of this article that you’re clear about your goals and you’re making progress towards them!  Awesome job on taking the action required to create the life you desire so far!

However, despite your forward progress, you still find yoursel...

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November 25, 2019

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